Dating voyance

We make advances and/or compromises to finally reach an agreement.

And that’s why it’s a type of subconscious influence.

It may sound fancy but it’s really just the assumptions (usually from the point view of the receiver) behind what people say or do, e.g.: People interact with one another in frames ALL THE TIME.

They also belong to the type of women whom we call “hot women”; similarly, there are also absolutely gorgeous women who are NOT approached that often and thus don’t have the typical “hot women” mentality, e.g.

they exist in small towns and societies where approaching doesn’t take place very often.

The basic principles are: The general rules for giving reward and punishment is: When a woman does something that pushes the relationship forward (including accepting your escalation), reward her with IOI; conversely, if she does something negative for the relationship (including rejecting your escalation), give her the IOD so that she learns NOT to do it again.

Make sure to keep the reward and punishment on a subconscious level, because verbalizing them actually communicates a lack of value and a fragile reality.

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The interesting thing about frame is that we seldom verbalize it.

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