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Other facets that affect those with NVLD include a deficit in how to properly use physical contact, recognizing emotions in others, as well as how to properly expressing one’s own emotions.In sum, due to a lack of social connection, interacting with others when one suffers from NVLD, is difficult and cumbersome.Parts: I, II, III, IVThroughout my life, I was teased for being “weird,” and even my own family thought I was “different.” But to me I was normal, and I couldn’t figure out what their problem was–or how they were able to act so differently.If I were just shy, or just introverted, I think I would have stopped with that and considered it enough.

Why did I make so many social mistakes that my peers would not have made, why did my peers seem to know so much better than I did how to handle things?

First, here is a brief summary of NVLD: NVLD is a condition that falls on a spectrum but can affect many aspects of life.

NVLD can affect perception, coordination, socialization, non-verbal problems-solving and understanding humour.

By the second grade, my parents were aware that something may have been amiss, and I received a neuropsychological evaluation that showed a strong discrepancy between my verbal and performance scores.

For elementary and middle school, I attended a specialized private school where teachers were trained to work with students with learning differences.

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