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Francis I pattern by Reed & Barton has been one of the most recognized and collected patterns: Known as the pattern of presidents and princes.

They then headed off on a small trip to France." Got that? In other news, James is the son of Australia's Victorian Liberal Party treasurer Andrew Abercrombie—who is worth a reported 4 million.Margaret Strayhorne of Stamford also collects, but ''in a very minor way,'' her interest having flagged since her friend, Clara Scroggins, moved to Houston three and a half years ago. Scroggins, author of ''Silver Christmas Ornaments: A Collector's Guide,'' published in 1980 by A. Barnes, is believed to have the most extensive collection in the country.The world's largest, most authoritive, and complete selection of beautifully crafted US Navy antique silverware and vintage flatware used by the United States Navy and Merchant Marine from the late 1800's, voyage of The Great White Fleer in 1907, during WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam.His goal was to emulate the design work of a chief court artist and sculptor for King Francis I of France, Benvenuto Cellini.The pattern is in the Renaissance-Baroque styling, displaying 15 fruit and flower designs, paying tribute to Francis 1 throne entrance in the year 1515.

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