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"Him and her both started cussing and beating on the window." Norris has a broken nose and it tells only part of the story.

She says Eric and Latasha Smith complained about the food at her restaurant so she gave them their money back, but that didn't satisfy the picky couple.

Whatever life delivers is always a good thing when we have it all and you are at risk signs.

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Surveillance video shows the woman attacking Jeanette, then the man sucker punched her young daughter. He's got her.' And that's when I realized he had hit her," Norris explained. Who punches a child like she's a grown man standing there? " Tips are flooding in, and cops say it's only a matter of time before Mr.

Compatible single men or women with child under the age of seventeen. C.-- A woman in Winston-Salem is facing numerous charges after a traffic stop Wednesday morning.The woman's arrest has gone viral on Facebook after a passerby took cellphone and posted to her page.And it's not a coincidence that the Dodgers went on to win the game after this woman pumped up the crowd with her sweet dance moves.OK, so maybe it was totally a coincidence, but who would be opposed to a Rally Grandma?

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