Best bank for consolidating student loans

Millions of Americans could put more money in their pockets each month by refinancing their student loans.It's always been possible to refinance private student loans, but few financial institutions offered this service.Visit your local BB&T financial center to speak with a friendly, experienced BB&T lending specialist about finding a debt consolidation loan with rates and terms that meet your needs.Or, if you're thinking about using a home you own (or other real estate) as collateral, a BB&T Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit may be right for you.At BB&T, we can help you pay off your debts faster and save money through debt consolidation.Combining all your debt into one loan eliminates multiple payments to different lenders and allows you to restructure your debt at a competitive interest rate.

That’s why we created this guide – to give borrowers a useful resource that empowers them to choose if student loan consolidation is right for them and which type may best suit their needs.

For millennials, ,500 a year) Coughlin said the company sees this as a very big business opportunity and a way to build lifelong relationships with students and their families.

Citizens and Charter One will only refinance private loans.

They offer flexibility and safety nets that are unmatched by private loans.

And while that’s great, the opposite is true for private loans.

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In general, I am skeptical of “refinancing” because it’s a term (and proposed solution) that gets thrown around too loosely.

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