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Morasca's Survivor career began on Survivor: The Amazon, in which she was originally part of the all-female Jaburu tribe.

During one immunity challenge, Morasca and fellow contestant Heidi Strobel stripped off their clothes for peanut butter and chocolate.

After making the merge, Morasca was relatively safe at the start as the majority of the tribe chose to vote off outcasts Roger Sexton and Dave Johnson.

With eight players remaining, the new alliance of Morasca, Strobel, Alex Bell and Rob Cesternino targeted Deena Bennett, and she was voted out.

In 2005, he was voted Campus Activities Magazine’s ‘Rookie Speaker of the Year’.

When Ethan first heard those three words -- "you have cancer" -- He knew his life would never be the same.

As a motivational speaker, Ethan routinely addresses high school, college, corporate and professional sports audiences.

His accounts provided fans with a behind-the-scenes look inside the U. Originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, Ethan moved to New York, where he attended Vassar College, graduating in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. Over the next few days, Ethan would cement a long-term alliance with Lex van den Berghe and Tom Buchanan from his Boran tribe.

He eventually became a professional soccer player, having been employed as a goalie for the Highlanders Football Club (Zimbabwe), Cape Cod Crusaders (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) and the Hawaii Tsunami (Oahu, Hawaii). But during a twist on Day 13 saw both of Zohn's alliance members switch from Boran to the Samburu tribe, leaving Ethan alone with old Boran members Kim Johnson and Clarence Black.

Following graduation, he traveled for six months in Australia and New Zealand, where he bungee jumped from one of the highest jumps in the world (400 feet). Since being declared the winner of SURVIVOR: AFRICA, Ethan Zohn has founded "Grassroot Soccer," a non-profit organization which trains Africa's professional soccer players to teach children about HIV/AIDS prevention (

In addition to playing soccer, Ethan Zohn is an aspiring inventor who enjoys scuba diving, photography, running and cooking (he's a vegetarian). Additionally, he is a national spokesperson for America Scores, an organization that helps inner city kids participate in educational soccer programs.

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