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Their brief respite is interrupted by the sound of a muffled scream. We hold on one man, an enlisted soldier, SERGEANT PEPPER. The fact is, that in todays difficult relationships more and more wives find themselves unfulfilled in their marriage.Married women feel lonely and neglected because their husbands no longer pay attention to their needs or wants.He was intently staring at the scantily-clad woman as Ray kneeled next to him, stocking canned goods on a lower shelf. "If I was still your age, I'd see if she was any good." Ray grinned back. Ray was twenty-six, hung like a horse, and primed to fuck; especially white women."I can't think about our customers that way." "Sure, you can. He didn't know why, since he'd screw a woman regardless of race, but white bitches turned him on the most. It added excitement to the risk of duping her husband by taking what was supposed to be his private property and making it his own.

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