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In 2004, we sponsored Zhou on such a trek as part of our FRONTLINE/World Fellows program for promising journalism students. In the 1970s, a road was built into the mountainous area where the Mosuo live. But, since then, it has opened up to the outside world, and in recent years, the Chinese have marketed the area -- particularly the beautiful Lugu Lake region -- as a tourist destination.

Now it draws tens of thousands of visitors each year, attracted in part by tales of "free love." "Why would you want the marriage license to handcuff yourself? They practice what they call "walking marriage" in which a woman may invite a man into her hut to spend a "sweet night," but he must leave by daybreak.

The newly designed rooms won the Travel and Leisure Design Award in 2010.

Behind the Lens: Interview With Xiaoli Zhou Filmmaker Xiaoli Zhou discusses the increasing pressures on "the women's kingdom" from the outside world and some of the challenges of working as a journalist in China. On Rough Cut this week, you'll meet La Mu and several extraordinary Mosuo women as we travel to "The Women's Kingdom" in southwest China, not far from the Tibetan Buddhist city the Chinese have renamed Shangri-La.

Zhou has just started a production company, German Camera Productions, with her husband, Brent Huffman. She is part of the Mosuo, an ethnic minority that has a matriarchal society, one of the last in the world.

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