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So yesterday Beth made an assumption about me that because I liked Superman with Dean Cain & Terri Hatcher as a kid, I probably also liked Dr. To which I replied ‘HECK YES I LOVED THAT SHOW.” To be fair my mom loved that show, but I was also allowed to watch probably because it didn’t have much sex. Back in ’95, Jane Seymour said of the love scene: “We have a wonderful, delightful love scene in the train.

Apparently they DID do it, after marriage, of course, on a TRAIN.

"But unfortunately, Mimi has an accident and is unable to paint and starts to lose her will to live or her will to do anything. So, many things are happening to her." The film hits close to Seymour's heart: "I'm an artist, so playing an artist was really special.She mixed television and film throughout the subsequent years, doing turns in “Somewhere in Time” (1980) and “War and Remembrance” (1988), before beginning Dr. She recently did a impressive comic part in “Wedding Crashers” (2005), as a randy Treasury Secretary’s wife.She is also an author of note, having recently published “Among Angels,” her ninth book.One of the producers is played by Joe Lando, notable because he was Seymour’s Dr Quinn co-star throughout the series.Their on-screen chemistry is revived, and the complications of re-tooling Prudence gives this adventure a comic touch.

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