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Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Morelia's historic city center and fine colonial buildings are well worth exploring.Dominating the city skyline, magnificent Morelia Cathedral is a must-see when visiting this fine old colonial city.Whether you choose to stay overnight or for an extended getaway, the city will delight you, thanks to such highlights as its beautiful main square and the Plaza de los Mártires with its fine arcades and terraces.Another architectural gem is the Baroque Palacio de Gobierno with enormous murals by native artist Alfredo Zalce depicting the history of independence and Mexico's revolution.After the capture and execution of Hidalgo, Morelos called the Congress in Chilpancingo (nowadays the capital of Guerrero) and the Congress endorsed the Declaration of Independence.Because of the stranglehold of the Spanish over the economy and the government of the country, Morelos asked for a strong control of immigration and for equality in front of the law for every native of Mexico.Morelia, the magnificent capital of the state of Michoacán, lies on the banks of the Rio Grande de Morelia between Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico's two largest cities.Settled by the Spanish after their conquest of the native Tarascans in 1541, Morelia has managed to retain the character of a distinguished colonial town.

Take the time to visit the following villages : In this village, located 24 km (15 miles) from Morelia, there is an Agustinian convent of plateresque style. In this village, you can visit the Ex-convent of San Nicolás Tolentino and the Chapel of the Hospital of the Conception, both dating from the sixteenth century.On the city's beautiful main square, this huge structure is notable not just for its size but also for its unique pinkish-brown color, the result of being built of local trachyte stone.Although construction began in 1640, it took more than 100 years before the cathedral was completed in its now largely Baroque style with a striking azulejo-decorated dome.In the villages of his diocese, he knew so well how to encourage craft that Michoacán has an essential place in the Mexican popular arts.Don Vasco taught the difficult art of lute-making to the wood carvers. It was named after the priest who fought for independence, José María Morelos y Pavón.

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But he was defeated by the man who became the first leader of Independent Mexico : Agustín Iturbide.

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