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She was a beautiful innocent, which was precisely why Reggie was so drawn to her.

Wherever his sexual tastes lay up to that point, whatever the complexity of his relationship with Ronnie or his crimes, there seems little doubt that the minute Reggie saw the pretty auburn-haired teenager with the big eyes, he experience something of a shock.

His twin Ronnie died in Broadmoor hospital, a psychiatric institution for the criminally insane, in 1995.

But, despite there being so much said, written, scripted, documented and delivered to the public gaze about the Kray twins, little has been told or revealed about Frances Shea, briefly at the centre of it all.

Reggie Kray died, in a blaze of ghoulish publicity, his second wife Roberta at his side, in the year 2000.It is what the French call 'le coup de foudre', a bolt of lightning - which some describe as love at first sight. On other occasions, he'd take her 'up West' to places like the Astor Club, a swish nightclub off Berkeley Square in Mayfair.'She looks like Brigitte Bardot', said his friend Danny. His girl looked like a French movie star - yet she was from the mean streets of the East End, just like him. Correspondence from that time reveals the truth of Reggie's obsession with Frances.During their 'honeymoon' period in 1960, Reggie took to meeting Frances outside her office in the Strand after she'd finished work. But Frances's own responses were mature and clear thinking, given her age.Fisher, star of the actress, were mourned in a joint memorial at their neighbouring homes on Thursday, and had a joint funeral at a Hollywood Hills cemetery the next day.Relatives have said they are now planning a public memorial for them.

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