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With boyfriend Russell Brand on his way over to the U. for a visit, it seems Katy Perry was keen to get him hot under the collar during his flight.The I Kissed A Girl singer gave the comedian and her fans an early (unwrapped) Christmas present as she posed for a picture apparently wearing nothing but a Santa hat and string of lights.The i Sight used to cost 9 - a hefty price for a webcam but well worth it considering how ugly the competitors looked. The introduction of i Sight coincided with Mac OS X Panther, which introduced i Chat AV, bringing video conferencing to i Chat.

Because we live in the future, it seems bizarre that you would need an external web-cam but even the i Mac G5 in 2004 didn't have one built-in.

The left half of the box contains three mounts for use with the i Sight.

The thing that surprised me is how the tray holding them is made from styrofoam - something that's nearly impossible to find in consumer electronics packaging today due to environmental concerns.

Firstly, there’s the onerous costs of compliance – they’re spending up to 10% of their operating costs on compliance staff, technology and strategy, and this only looks set to increase, according to a new survey by KPMG and the Al MA.

This follows an earlier Deutsche Bank study, which said that legal and regulatory costs had risen by 50% for most hedge funds over the past two years. Not only are smaller funds struggling to meet these costs – primarily because they have to absorb them internally, rather than use investor funds – but some hedge fund managers seem put out by the need to busy themselves with such petty concerns.

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