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Why isn’t Chelsea, the VP of matchmaking, on the show this season? “My real members [Stanger runs a dating service called Millionaire’s Club] are on the Forbes List, and they would never go on camera,” adds Patti. In other news, when the show premieres tonight, one person who will be missing is Chelsea Autumn, who had appeared on the previous 3 seasons of the show as Patti’s VP of Matchmaking.

Are Bill Brandes & Heidi Cornell, the two millionaires, still together? They broke my club rules on the first date when they slept together. And when it comes to her low success rate on the Bravo show, Patti claims her success rate in real life is 99% and that it’s lower on the show because Bravo controls the casting and not her.

Andy, not quick to let off the heat, calls her out saying she makes generalizations a.k.a. Let’s not sugar coat it, but Patti continues on her self-reflection stating she wants to soften up her image. CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON TO READ THE REST!

Thank you to the viewer who asked Patti what plastic surgery she has received?

Check out a photo of Heidi and her date Bill Brandes in our gallery.

All the clients and Patti were looking hot, hot, hot!

Cornell, now a resident of Los Angeles, started her career as a sales rep for Calvin Klein and transitioned to product development for major clothing brands.

She also recently launched a new line of embellished T-shirts in a rainbow of colors called “32 Flavors.”Tuesday, Cornell told The Daily News that someone approached her business partner about being on “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” and Stanger ended up taking Cornell as a client.

Moreover the couple even admit to selling stories about their break-up to various magazines – even though they were still very much together – in order to profit from audiences’ interest in their marriage.

I will break it down for you folks, 1) She gets Botox done regularly, 2) She got her eyes done and 3) She has had her boobs reduced twice. Four of Patti’s notable clients join Andy and Patti on the couches for some rehashing.

heidi cornell A 1985 graduate of Mark Morris High School who made her wealth in the fashion industry will be fixed up with eligible bachelors on Thursday night’s new episode of “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”Longview native Heidi Cornell (formerly Heidi Smith), 42, is the first millionairess to be featured on the Bravo TV series in which matchmaker Patti Stanger attempts to find love for rich clients. Now she’s CEO of a high-end fashion label, “Young, Fabulous and Broke,” a look inspired by young Hollywood that’s carried at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue.

Part one of the first ever (and probably last ever) Millionaire Matchmaker reunion aired last night, and not only did the beloved Andy Cohen put Patti in the hot seat, but he reunited some of Patti’s most memorable clients from the past five seasons.

The heat continued as Andy dived into the whole WWHL fiasco.

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