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I should point out that these 2 videos were uploaded by The Epic Witchika and that they uploaded parts 2, 3 & 4 of Shane & Brittani's Q&A session and you should go to that link above to see those videos (and subscribe to The Epic Witchika).Shane Dawon's main channel is shanedawsontv and he also has another beloved 2nd channel called shanedawsontv2 where he does outtakes and answers viewers questions.It is filled with kooky videos like pranks, pop culture conspiracies and endless Lady Gaga spoofs.Dawson later launched the "Shane" channel, which also includes fun videos with clicky titles including "TASTING FAMOUS CHRISTMAS FOODS," "DONT MICROWAVE THIS STUFF" and "SCARIEST TORTURE DEVICES." Throughout his You Tube journey, he has befriended and collaborated with other You Tubers like Joey Graceffa, Brittani Louise Taylor, The Fine Bros, Trisha Paytas, Tyler Oakley and Miranda Sings.

We know he was born in Long Beach, California on July 19, 1988.

Actually you were probably auto-subbed to Shane Dawson when you created your You Tube channel (kidding), because Dawson is one of the most wildly followed youtubers going.

He rocketed up the most subbed charts in a little over a year from about 14,000 subscribers to his current total of about 20 ga-zillion subs (actually Shane has 1,699,999 as of today).

Fans of Shane Dawson have labelled You Tube “spineless”, and Sony “hypocrites”, for abusing copyright law to take down Shane Dawson’s Blank Space parody video for being “too violent”.

Despite Sony’s recent public relations disaster regarding The Interview, and their complaints of “free speech” and “censorship” – Sony has hypocritically decided to use their considerable power to block material not to their liking.

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Shane Dawson, part of the first generation of You Tube producers, is someone who people either love or hate.

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