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We won't buy those monogrammed wedding gifts just yet.

Schur goes on to say that his writing staff has been talking about hooking up Tom and Ann since season three because they wanted to do something more casual, and comical."We have a lot of soul-matey relationships, with Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) and Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza)," Schur explains, "and we just wanted to do a comedy relationship.

It's sort of an April, Tom and Ann triangle as far as who's affected."As for you fans who are hoping for another surprising pairing, Leslie and Ron, sorry, but don't hold your breath! ) unaware, is pretty much the funniest show on television right now.

America cried last night as Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope bid farewell to Ann Perkins, who was moving to Michigan with Chris Traeger and their unborn child.

We're going for a different relationship, which is a pair of mismatched people who are very gingerly having a couple drinks here and there to see if they're compatible."Casual. Schur believes that this twist, though surprising, is grounded in reality.

"There are certainly people affected by [Tom and Ann's relationship]," Schur reveals. Because she's the person who got them together, they're constantly complaining about each other to her, and she decides the only way she can get through it is to get drunk.

So she gets really really drunk at 4 in the afternoon.

While I fell in love with Rob Lowe's Traeger all over again (he alone could make "One Headlight" a dancing song), the episode also gave Ann Perkins multiple chances to catch up with her ex-boyfriends.

Which, of course, only led me to wonder: What if Ann had chosen one of these other men as the father of her child?

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