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Letters of Reprimand are normally not written unless there is ample evidence to support them and, because of that, they are more difficult to refute.

LORs can have a very negative effect on your career and serve as justification for more serious punitive action.

ICM Registry and its CEO, Stuart Lawley, who has led the fight for ICANN's approval, stand to profit handsomely from the rollout of triple websites because he will be in charge of collecting fees for the use of the new domains.

Someone you can lean on when trying to say that if a site like this.

And we saw our Twitter timeline going nuts, too, where some were wondering what happened to the Paterson, New Jersey spitter's injured left eye. I had got into an accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes," Fetty explained to DJ Self when he appeared on his VIP Saurdays Sirius XM radio show back in February.

"The doctor saved one, so I was blessed to still have my vision." According to Web MD, primary congenital glaucoma is a rare eye disease that affects one in every 10,000 infants.

But a "rebuttal" is nothing more than a written reply.

It may agree with the LOR or disagree or present information not previously known.

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