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The club is definitely not the first of its kind the world, nor the Arab world.

Cities like New York, Paris and London offer teens a taste of the nightlife culture with exclusive clubs.

The fact that Isis’s own flags do actually hang in several of Ein el-Helwe’s streets – as they have briefly in the northern Sunni Muslim city of Tripoli – only makes the situation more disturbing.

Many Palestinian suicide bombers have in the past set off from Ein-el-Helweh for Iraq and have actually died attacking the Americans there. Put simply, the country’s security services – infinitely more efficient than you might suppose for a country smaller than Wales – are able to handle Tripoli’s Islamist rogues and keep a close eye on Sunni areas of Beirut.

An App in which you would select the criteria you are looking for in a person, be matched with your fit and have time to find out more if you wanted to.

Because it is very open minded but at the same time, it is quite conservative, and it all depends where you put your eye on.

In well-to-do districts, hotels, restaurants, and jewellers gear up for a highlight of their year.

But widespread tokens of love in February bely a deeply conservative attitude to any friendship across the sexes before couples are on the road to marriage.

For a more underground scene, you got places like Radio City in Achrafiye were more Indie type of music can be found, and there is even people singing hip hop and rap.

Women tend to dress in a normal fashion but are very sexy though. Muslim women can vary, but in certain areas women might cover their heads as tradition requires while using Prada purses, jeans and leather boots.

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