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Men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short "dates" usually lasting from three to eight minutes depending on the organization running the event.

Make language list display in language switcher block use the localized language names by loading the language objects in the specific language context from config. BTW language_list() is caching in request negotiated language, so not sure what happens if we need different language labels in the same requests if we don't use overrides with language contexts there.

I think the proposed patch is good for continuing with the discussion :) So we have at least three use cases for languages: 1. Native name is better DX for people coming from D7, but then we should add this to the Language class itself so its less obscure.

Installer language selector, that is already covered with the predefined languages. Need to display a language list translated to the interface language. But in the other hand I think this would be incoherent with how we handle other translated config, so DX--. get Localized Language Names() with a 'param' of native or 'localized' to langcode (specify langcode as well) would be fine.

These profiles typically disappear within 24hours - if a woman looks too good to be true, then be careful and if it is a new profile wait 24hours - if it is still up chances are better - still sometimes there seem to be profiles who message you or show interest to just have you upgrade your membership - this is a subjective impression though - but this experience I even made on other big global players Through time I started virtually (unwillingly) testing many online dating platforms and still have my profiles on the network - sometimes only upgrade for a month.

You can cancel your membership right afterwards as it is a recurrent payment but your membership is still active and you can use all features of the choses package.

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