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This means that the men with younger partners have higher life expectancy.From the findings it was clear that majority of the men who have younger partners had better chances of avoiding various things that might lower their life expectancy..” No matter what I said, or what nice things I did for Karen, she was out of my league since I was younger.Karen was a 17 year old junior, and I was an incredibly good looking and intelligent 16 year old. This is exactly what my mom told me every time I brought her cupcakes.Younger men are socially more acceptable dating partners in the West; however, they lack the masculine strength that comes with years of experience dating a variety of woman.It is essential for older men to highlight these qualities that come with age.Marriage is more beneficial for men than for women -- at least for those who want a long life.Previous studies have shown that men with younger wives live longer.

Younger women in particular need and seek guidance.

According to a new study out of Sweden, men who date or marry younger women LIVE LONGER than men whose partners are around their own age. They found that when women marry men who are younger, it doesn’t help them live any longer.

The researchers think the reason for the difference is that men thrive off the energy and support from a younger wife.

We hung out after school together almost every single day. Perhaps it starts off in the 1st grade when we’re running around yelling with blue slurpee stains on our Sesame Street t-shirts.

She’d come watch my tennis matches and I’d take her to Mc Donald’s afterward for some hot apple pie and Mc Lovin. Or perhaps the perception starts in the 7th grade where we start snapping one too many bras.

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This is the case irrespective of whether the woman is younger or older than her spouse.

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