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Stefan, on the other hand, dominated challenges from the beginning to (nearly) the end, while Carla, seemingly cannon fodder at the show’s outlet, revealed herself to be not just likeable, but a chef who combined French training with a home cook’s warmth.

Judged over the season, Carla and Stefan each had it easily over Hosea.

Hosea proclaims himself the “last American male” chef, which makes me feel less good about being an American and more good about being not male. The half dozen head to the kitchen where they are greeted by Padma and world-famous French chef Eric Ripert who runs the world-famous seafood restaurant Le Bernardin. The Quickfire Challenge is a three-round fish filleting competition. There’s a reason those suckers come packed together tightly in cans. Some folks do well (Leah, Fabio), some people do really not well (Carla, Jamie).

This was not a good thing to attempt before lunch.formula was getting stale.However, it’s hard to argue that—based on a final meal in which she made the mistake of listening to sous chef Casey and wasn’t even able to send out a complete dessert—Carla could be judged winner of the final.And if there was no editing sleight of hand, it seems clear most if not all the judges believed Hosea’s meal was superior to Stefan’s (even Fabio, Stefan’s Euro-bro, had to agree). It was the “12 Days of Christmas Episode.” Hosea was throwing a fit, as always. It was an organic thing that happens in the kitchen where we’re like, you have to go through that fire and you have to make it happen. Carla knew when her dishes went wrong, but she still wanted to “bring the love.” Hosea never “brought the love.” He brought bitterness and easy contempt, and a wounded, undeserved pride. Carla said, Everyone is chipping in together to make these two people shine. He talked trash all the time, though note that he didn’t talk trash to Carla or Leah or Ariane or Jamie. She wanted to win, she wanted the recognition — but she didn’t want to lose sight of what mattered most.

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