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On the other hand, some people said that both actress came to the same doctor to conducted plastic surgery.Everybody must agree that their face looks a like each other.

He said, "If you're not an actor, you should be married by this age".

The Japanese TV station held a poll to pick the top 30 TV programs in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their satellite channels.

The 2002 Korean drama got 20,750 out of the total 160,533 votes.

The duo is lending their voice for the anime project.

[Image credits to] Korean actress Choi Ji-woo recently donated W100 million (USD78,500) worth of scholarships for poor students in Busan, her hometown.

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(I hear she directed a very compelling short called "Apple" of which others speak highly.) But director Lee Jung-gook's half further demonstrates that his cinematic letters are ones I'd best leave unopened, if not have returned to sender. The film is slow-paced, taking time out to appreciate the vast expanse of space making this film perfect for the cinema, and leaving me disappointed that my only option for viewing it was my computer screen.

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