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The town's segregation laws stipulate separate areas on buses for blacks and whites and require blacks to give up their seats for whites if necessary.

Black travellers have long complained of being called racist names by bus drivers and being forced to stand even if seats were vacant in the whites-only section.

Searle continues his talks and presentations and plans on publishing a book about the early history of Montgomery County in approximately two years.

Below are a series of articles being written by Kameron Searle for the Texas History Page.

Union Springs, a small historic town, is the county seat of Bullock County.

Located in southeast Alabama, it is less than an hour's drive from several destination cities, including Montgomery, Auburn, Troy, and Eufaula.

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When the town of Montgomery was founded nearby, the town naturally took its name from the trading post; and later when the county was created, Montgomery County took its name from the town.

This is the general story of the Montgomery Trading Post.

However, his lawyers immediately gave notice of their intention to appeal and the fine was converted into a prison sentence of 386 days, suspended until the appeal hearing.

Archaic law The 17-week-old boycott in the town of Montgomery was sparked by the arrest of a black woman, Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat for a white passenger on 1 December last year.

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