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The girl on the till was a Pakistani girl wearing all the traditional swag, she looked around the same age as me (20,21,22)..It's the first time I've even had an informal chat with a Pakistani girl like that, no one else was around and she made me stand there for about 20 minutes convincing her I was old enough to buy the cigs...Most of the inhabitants of the valley are Ismaili Shia Muslims and also followers of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV (a few small villages are mainly Shia Muslims).Many of these Ismaili Shia people are fair skinned and trace back their ancestors to Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan to the north.The Lower Hunza Valley is home primarily to the Shinaki people who speak Shina while the Central Hunza Valley is mainly inhabited by the Burushaski speakers.In the Upper Valley (referred to as the Gojal Valley) are the speakers of the Wakhi and Burusho languages.Any and All advice surely welcome I think my girl is getting ready. So I don't have much experience but I think she will be ready in 2-4 weeks. I dont smoke so I don't have a first hand impression. She can smoke it first thing in the morning and/or all day long.

I live in South Manchester, there's not many Asian people around here (Gatley, Heald Green Area)...

The pics ive gatherd on this strain speaks for its self..a very new strain.came out a few months ago. Ill be veggin in my old 22 gall rubbermaid with 3 26 watt 6500k cfls. Will be growing in a soil made out of Compost/vermiculite/perlite/Dolomite Lime 60%/30/9/1% Is it 1 TB dolomite Lime to 1 gallon of soil? Enjoy the pics:smokin: The purple pakistan chitral is one of our most special mothers.

Pakistan chitral is an old indica strain used in other spanish strains from Cannabiogen friends like Sandstorm, Sugarloaf etc ...

how they're probably more loyal than English girls, much less likely to be reckless promiscuous party animals and all that jazz...

But I don't doubt for 1 second that behind every sexy Pakistani girl there's a big strict muslim dad who'll be hell-bent on chopping us both up if she went anywhere near me...

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