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franchise these days and it's always awesome to date a guy with super powers. In theory, it's all fine for amorous teens to have a view of other amorous teens' bedrooms, but the fun and games stop once someone's caught jerking off. The Gay Boyfriend From "Mean" There's actually no evidence in "Mean" that T-Swift is dating this guy, but given her history in the real world let's not pretend she didn't crush on at least one gay guy during her high-school years. The Blink And You'll Miss Him Jock Hottie From "You Belong With Me" Sure, this guy pops up for all of two seconds in the video and it's very easy to be distracted by bad Taylor's Party City drag queen wig, but I feel like there's potential here. The Romeo From "Love Story" I mean he's T-Swift's take on Shakespeare's finest star-crossed lover come to life, and he can pull off more Edwardian-style neck frippery than Mr. That said, any relationship with a French guy culminates in him painting you nude like his "French girls" and then before you know it there are naked photos of you on the Internet, which is no fun at all. The Perfect, Perhaps Even Too Perfect, Guy From "Ours" He loves cats, snuggling, and playing in a pile of leaves on crisp fall afternoons. But then maybe he's too good to be true and secretly plays Magic: The Gathering on the weekend or something that would totally not be compatible with T-Swift/your lifestyle.

But he's still a bad Bieber haircut past clueless in this music video, choosing to date the bad, skanky HBIC Taylor while his quirky soulmate, good girl Taylor pines for him quietly. Let's also take a moment to appreciate the sad cat stickers adorning office drone Taylor's computer. The Guy Getting Dumped (For Good) In "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Bear with me, because there's a number of good reasons for this high placement.

Learn from your mistakes, and you will find love again. You're an actor, so we know you are narcissistic and self-absorbed.

But then again, you broke her heart, so I hate you.

But in the pantheon of Taylor Swift music video boyfriends, he’s regretfully forgettable. Tyler Hilton in “Teardrops on My Guitar” He's supposed to be the best friend Taylor has a secret crush on, but he comes across more obtusely douchey than charming. Justin Gaston in “Love Story” He automatically moves up a few spots on our list because IRL Sandy is an ex-NFL player. Reeve Carney in “I Knew You Were Trouble” He’s Taylor’s version of a bad boy -- all tattoos and hipster hats.

The Kid Playing Young T-Swift's Fourth Grade Boyfriend in "Everything Has Changed" Taylor's 8-year-old boyfriend is insufferable, it must be said.

The song's accompanying music video was directed by Roman White.

The video chronicles the romantic relationship between Swift and her love interest played by British actor Toby Hemingway which ends with a marriage.

He's drinking coffee on the school bus, pretending he can read , and even makes little Taylor skip class so he can go speak Parseltongue with some other class's pet snake.

He can't even decorate a cookie, for goodness sake. The Private School Hornball From "The Story Of Us" Ugh this guy is such a damp squib I don't know what Taylor even saw in him in the first place aside from the fact that he's probably packing a sizeable trust fund.

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  1. I loved his visits and found myself thinking of him a lot when he was away. Affairs columns, and submission guidelines He left and the months went by. Then, after a somewhat regrettable office fling, I realized it was time to get out there and look for someone close enough to live in my area code but not so close as to stumble over them on the way to the mail room.