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The same inherent madness and Autodesk built-in weirdness remains. This is another one of those mission critical drawings you need to have even if you don’t take the path of least resistance that is our Production Solutions. However, in some ways the attribute method might make more sense to those with raw or long time Auto CAD skills. We do use Mtext field connections for the built-in titleblock plot stamps.

(sigh)If you never touched Sheets Sets before, then in the operative word. Heidi Hewett’s famous post “Sheets Happen” on Sheets and the Sheet Set Manager says almost everything pertinent there is to say. Sorry that we dropped the reference link in the new website. Here are: To be clear, we use the attribute method and not the Mtext method to manage the connection of Auto CAD field properties to the titleblock annotation. Then again using attributes might just confuse old school ACAD folks even more. These are easy to configure from the plot dialog box. Some common helpful graphic hints: We do our best to make this all real as possible from end to end for every customer. The Production Solution Instant On products all come with an in-depth working Auto CAD Civil 3D project. It includes example sheets and Sheet Set Manager Subsets of sheets created by using many if not all of the standard methods of assembling published Sheets and Subsets in Auto CAD Civil 3D.

So here it is, in case it’s useful to you as it was me The version of the library that you need is based on the version of Auto CAD you are using.

Ac Sm Components18 is used for Auto CAD 2010; while Ac Sm Components17 is used for Auto CAD 2007 through Auto CAD 2009.

This fact is far from obvious even for the experienced.

by Fenton Webb I was recently trying to find out some detailed information about the Sheet Set Manager API and I stumbled across Autodesk’s Principle Learning Content Developer, Lee Ambrosius’s Autodesk University handout document on the subject…

Using the Model Views tab, double-click on Add New Location.

Users familiar with Diesel have been doing this type of extraction for many years now but it has never been quite as easy nor as expansive a task as it is today.

You can, for example, extract something as broad as any of the drawing file properties (type "dwgprops" or as set externally by right-clicking on a drawing file) or something as specific as a Viewport Scale.

On a more sophisticated level a Field can be used to tap into specific data within other Drawing Files than the current one; a type of linked extraction.

Fields are special texts which update itself automatically when its linked object or property changes.

For example, you can add a field which represents the area of an object and when the area changes field updates itself automatically.

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In this article, I will explain the use of Fields in Auto CAD drawings using a field that represents the area of a geometry.

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