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When Tina M.’s endocrinologist said the only way she could lose weight was bariatric surgery, she decided she would prove to him – and herself – that she could lose the weight on her own. #Orangetheory Fitness is for first-timers to athletes of all kinds.In fact, our interval-based workout is perfect for cross-training, so no matter what your sport, Orangetheory is for YOU!

Class instructor, Diana Booty, said: “In the build up to Valentine's Day, many believe it's all about looking good to feel good.The app started in New York and is planning on entering health hot spots Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.Like competitor Meet Me Outside, the app pairs people based on their shared activities, from Cross Fit to yoga, but it’s more specific.“However, it's more important that you smell good and that is all to do with emitting the right pheromone. And if you're not a mega Cross Fit junkie, that's okay.

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