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(2000) The subglacial geomorphology of southeast Alberta: evidence for subglacial meltwater erosion. Shaw, J., Munro-Stasiuk, M., Sawyer, B., Beaney, C., Lesemann, J-E., Mussachio, A., Rains, R. (2000) Comment and Reply: The Channelled Scablands: Back to Bretz? Shaw, J., Munro-Stasiuk, M., Sawyer, B., Beaney, C., Lesemann, J-E., Mussachio, A., Rains, R. Wanderers raced into an early lead with a Lisa Martin penalty and a Jennifer Cram try, but Hillhead/Jordanhill bounced back in spectacular style with Smith and her centre partner Abi Evans cutting great swathes through midfield.

Faith-based Amish traditions include wearing plain clothing, living in a simple manner and helping a neighbor in need.

I think brands are what I find most interesting, and brand consistency.

It's the really good companies that do what they said they were going to do and I find that really inspiring - the businesses that do not faff around with what they say.

Wanderers dominated the third quarter and recovered the lead with two more Martin penalties and a try from Eilidh Sinclair, but Hillhead/Jordanhill dug deep, and given the way she had played during the previous 77 minutes it was no surprise that Smith was the player who eventually managed to break clear and claim a deserved victory for the team from the west. The forwards did really well to get us some quick ball and that really helped us get that try which we needed, and then we managed to keep them at bay for the next two minutes, which was very nerve-racking,” said Smith.

Wanderers came into this game as favourites having already pipped Hillhead/Jordanhill to the Women’s Premiership title this season, but struggled to cope with the intensity of their opponents. The Hillhead/Jordanhilll girls played with more passion and heart than our team across the 80 minutes.

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  2. It didn’t look good for the state’s environmental protection agency, which was suddenly under scrutiny for not having taken more aggressive steps to force Duke Energy to stop groundwater pollution seeping from its ash ponds. Pat Mc Crory, who worked for Duke for 28 years, sought to distance himself from the company. Reached before they were officially announced, Mc Crory on Friday declined to comment. Utilities Commission (which had authority over dam safety before DENR took over that responsibility) have been charged with crimes.