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You’re going to be on this season of ‘The Bachelor,'” I was like, “Ooooh. I don’t think this is something I want to do.” My sister made me go. I’m from the South, so the fact that he is a true Southern gentleman—very polite, very manly, always ‘yes ma’am,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘how are you doing.’ He always cares so much more about others. That was always the kind of guy I was looking for—someone who would put a woman first. How did you recover from the shock after the final episode? I didn’t tell anybody about the outcome of the show besides my sister and my brother and my father.

Your guess is as good as mine.” I didn’t take it seriously. When they kept calling and calling and said, “Guess what? If you don’t fall in love, come home.” What were the qualities that really struck you about Brad when you were on the show?

And while she’s in the midst of planning her wedding, she had the surreal experience of sitting back on the couch and watching Brad get a second shot at “Bachelor”-dom. I’m still sad and angry and I can’t get over you if you continue to confuse me like this.” How did you hear about “The Bachelor? When you were asked to be “The Bachelorette,” what initially ran through your head? A lot of people on reality shows say that they were edited unfairly?Pappas, whom Csincsak said broke up with him because she wasn’t willing to try to make the relationship work anymore, accepted Stephen’s proposal last May.He gave [...] » - karen The former reality stars of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are finding love and getting engaged!De Anna Pappas has had a long, strange ride on “The Bachelor.” First, she fell for Brad Womack, only for him to walk away without proposing to either woman at his final rose ceremony. I never thought in a million years they would choose me. My sister lived with me in my house in Georgia, so she saw me cry every single day. The whole time the show was on, I held onto the idea, “Maybe Brad is seeing that he made a mistake.” See, I didn’t get any answers. We spent the last night together before the final rose ceremony. When the show was airing, I was so upset and confused.Next, she came back as “The Bachelorette” and fell in love with quirky snowboarder Jesse Csincak, only to find out they weren’t compatible after all. He put me in the limo and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow … It’s going to be a good day.” I truly thought he was going to choose me. I was really hanging onto something until I saw him at “After the Final Rose” and he was like, “No, my decision still stands.” At that point, he was back together with his ex-girlfriend so a lot of things came to be clear to me.

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