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The purchase has come about through the retirement of the founders and owners of the company.Darlac will remain a stand alone company but does add a new perspective to Mr Fothergill's.It’s a very adult sort of sundae – no sprinkles, no bright berries, no whipped cream or chocolate of any sort.Yet it’s also indulgent – wine-drenched figs intense enough you’ll only want a few, and warm walnuts dripping with honey, so reminiscent of baklava, slowly melting the rich, cold, sweet ice cream underneath.2018 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of the company, which remains a family business.They are entering their anniversary year in style with the announcement that they have purchased the well respected tool company, Darlac.Flattery will get you everywhere." "Only when it is true." 27(! (If she ever remembers to sign on.)Former taglines of this blog: "A Journal in Dates and Drinks" and "A Dateless Journal of Drinking." Those Particulars Some Backstory Memories of the Way We Were Updates and Towel Snapping One Year Wrap-Up Just As She Is An Open Letter to Myself After 26 years, she HAS learned something An Open Letter to the Men Who Message Me Through Match Sharing a smoke Associated Content Interview with Charming The Hindu: Blog Sisters are here These are the blogs I read as much as possible: Belle in the Big Apple Breakup Babe Citizen of the Month Dating is Hell Irish Eyes Jason Mulgrew Metroblogging New Orleans Mr.

As love continues to blend together with technology in everyday life, a variety of flavors of dating apps are helping to speed up the process for online daters.

Last night I finally got to chat with this guy, who actually has met me before and doesn't remember it. Pinkerton The Company Bitch This Fish Needs A Bicycle Virginia Belle I'm not a girl, not yet a wino Blind Cavefish Think you should be on this list?

I was doing some work stuff, tucked away in the corner of my neighborhood coffee shop. the bar that happens to be across the street from my apartment, so close to where I was sitting at my granite-top table, listening to Kelly Clarkson and writing while I sipped a cool coffee drink. The band is really good." I messaged back that I was flattered, but explained that I was working and that I had a full day of early meetings ahead. I never revealed my location, mostly because I was looking not so chic in jeans, the black sweater I'd worn to work and tennis shoes, with my hair messily piled atop my head in a makeshift bun. I'm lame and boring and old and I need more than two hours of sleep to function and be perky and informative and friendly and not rude.

And if you are lucky enough to choose an ice cream that is studded with dozens of tiny, crunchy seeds scraped from that precious pod, well, all the better.

And now that you have this on a Monday, you’ve got something to dream about (and get going: the figs need a few days to steep and soak up that wine) until you get to your weekend, and whatever kind of vacation it holds.

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