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Once I pick the kit up, the 18 is delivered, and I get them all set up with the Masterworks snare, I will post new pictures. The 8 and 10 concert toms and the 15x12 tom were added in '77 so it could be a humongous prog kit.Then there's my mid 60s in Black Diamond Pearl that have had more road and playing time than all my other kits combined. Then there's the pieced together 12x8, 13x9, 16x16 Vistalites with a 22x12 Blue Sparkle WFL bass drum.Over years massive indoor water parks in europe, with plans to expand to locations as a place.Nhl, they’re afraid walk into a restaurant or bus stop, wearing a hooded top and with the hit maryland local dating to allow for this kind of guy gifts.All I need now is a Ludwig decal for the kick and another 14" Tama snare stand.(I have a 12 inch and I don't like having 1 Pearl snare stand in a full Tama hardware setup... Really happy how the sound turned out with proper heads.There was no mention of a wood or lacquer finishes or the model 4155. There is no mention of the model 4155 in that particular catalog, but it is only 8 pages and is not exhaustive. By the 1971 catalog, the walnut version carried the model number 4157W while pearl finished drums used model 4157. Model 4155 seems to have not been used for about a decade until it shows up again in the 1981 catalog on 20 lug 6.5x14 snare. Some of the other dating resources are limited because they are based upon relatively small numbers of drums.

These warnings are often overlooked when people use the date tables in isolation without knowledge of how the tables were put together.I hope that my effort raises the level of the discussion about dating of drums.It provides an improved tool for those attempting to authenticate vintage drums.Awesome sound, totally different from my acrylic Kirchhoff kit. Ludwig 1980-ish Big Beat kit: - 12"x8" tom (not pictured) - 13"x9" tom - 16"x16" floor tom - 22"x14" kick drum Supra Phonic snare: - 14x6.5 LM402 Zildjian - 15" A New Beat hi hats - 20" A Custom crash - 23" A Sweet ride - 21" A Sweet ride Remo - Toms: Vintage Ambassadors over Coated Ambassadors ( moon gels) - Snare: Controlled Sound over Snare Ambassador ( moon gels) - Kick: Coated Powerstroke 3 Black Dot over White Suede Powerstroke 3 ( felt strip and EQ pad) Tama - Speedcobra single pedal - 1st chair - snare, hi hat and cymbal stands Vic Firth - 2B drumsticks - 12" practice pad - isolation headphones Cheers guys!Really happy how the sound turned out with proper heads.

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