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Both countries man are still known to be male chauvinist and this usually do not sit very well with educated ladies.

So that is why you hardly see a SG ladies with someone from Japan or Korea. Regardless if you are Asian or even a Caucasian, SG ladies do look at reality and practicality as well.

If you are, or would like to be dating a Filipina, here is a guide to giving gifts. We often use this phrase to mean that something might not be expensive, but giving something means the person has thought dearly of you.

🙂 There are many types of gifts that would impress Filipinas. Because we have this concept, the more thoughtful your gift is, the more it would impress her.

Filipino women are traditionally shy and secretive.

Often times it is required that the potential suitor visit the woman at her home and ask permission to visit from the girl’s father.

If they can persuade a man they have met on a dating site or the internet to send them even it’s a good day’s work for them.

Sometimes, you even have to give gifts to the parents!

The suitor should be patient as this is a way for the lady to feel out the suitor and his intentions.

A series of group dates or chaperoned dates are likely to commence thereafter.

Do bring flowers or send them ahead of time when you are attempting to court a Filipina; the gesture will be viewed favorably.

After the initial visit many women will accept a date as friends first.

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Do note Singapore being quite an economic powerhouse, A middle income in other country may be consider low income in Sg.

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