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Even during the peak glacial ice coverage of North America, Vero Beach Florida was relatively warm or at least it was free of Ice.

There is more than one theory about how humans made their way to Florida.

Radiocarbon dating and vertebrate biochronology are consistent with a very late Pleistocene age.

The Vero Canal Site, Stratum 2 of Sellards (1916) is a series of thin layers of sand and silt.

This is a brief history review of the "Vero Man" or possibly "Vero Woman".

While a great many of the details on the story of the site still need to be filled in, we will, as is often said, start at the beginning. According to the fossil record, anatomically modern humans appeared just under 200,000 years ago.

After her arrest last year, Hunt told WPTV that she “was never educated on dating laws and ages and stuff so I still was confused about everything.” Hunt met her 14-year-old lover during basketball tryouts at their high school.

When the child’s parents found out in May 2013, they immediately alerted the police.

“It’s one of my favorite places in the world, and I always knew I wanted a tropical beach wedding.” When looking for her wedding dress, Libby also knew exactly what she wanted: nothing strapless and preferably something with an illusion neckline.

Libby Schuville thought she was going to surprise her college sweetheart, Ryan Naumes, for his 30th birthday with an impromptu weekend trip to Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

“Little did I know he had been in contact with one of my best friends, who had let him in on all of the plans,” she recalls.

Shortly after their coming out party the earth entered a long glacial period that lasted some 77,000 years. Humans had started extending their claim on this planet from about 123,000 years ago, but they still had to battle continual cycles of warming and cooling.

The human population that had grown to over 10,000 was cut down to a near extinction level of less than 1,000. While the last Ice Age has not officially ended, the periods of glacial ice coverage have come and gone several times.

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