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Guide to Noritake China & Dating Noritake Marks – Antique Marks The Morimura Brothers formed the Noritake company in Tokyo and opened an export office in New York.

They initially produced a full range of china marked with the Nippon mark and also sold china in-the-white, ie; blanks for decorating by outside agencies and decorators, thus the quality of the earlier finished product can vary.

Many antique collectors, as well as designers, are seeking these items for their artistic and aesthetic qualities, using items such as beautifully aged carved panels or a Japanese tansu to create cultural sophistication and warmth.

We don't sell Japanese antiques, but have a wealth of information and guides to collecting Japanese collectibles and antiques that will help in your selection.

Japanese antiques as well as Chinese antiques and fine art are inextricably linked with the rich culture and fascinating history of the Far East.

This is one reason they are so avidly admired, studied and collected.

A traditional Japanese antique screen becomes a backdrop to more modern textures and furniture shapes, giving the decor a sophisticated look, but with a new and fresh approach.

At the time, Böttger had already established a faience (glazed earthenware) factory in Dresden, so he located his porcelain works in Meissen, just down the Elbe River.However we find it appeals to oriental porcelain collectors and that there is a good market for it.The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright probably thought so too, when he designed tableware for Noritake in the 1920’s.Another, of course, is the exquisite beauty, artistry and craft of Asian antiques.Besides displaying a masterful aesthetic, many, such as Japanese dolls and Japanese swords, endure as clues to the past, while others, like Japanese furniture (tansu), and Asian porcelain and pottery find purpose even today.

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To this day, Meissen remains a major center for the earthy art, while Dresden is best known as the place where Meissen porcelain is decorated, often within an inch of its life.

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