Dating my remington 1100

Again trusting my memory, an 1100 trigger will interchange between other 1100's (perhaps 870's/1187's also) and Remington makes a left hand version of the 1100.

These were simply cosmetic differences, however, and all 1100 parts in 12 Gauge fully interchange, including barrels and receivers.

The fit and finish on this gun isn't up to par with the turkish shotguns costing half as much.

The gun is a good shooter but it is disappointing to spend this kind of money and end up with a barrel that doesn't line up with the receiver and a poorly fit stock.

I was looking for instructions on how to remove the action barassembly from the action sleeve on an 1100/1187 and alsothe instruction on how to remove and replace fore-endsupport assembly on an 1187.

It did not tell how to doeither one even though it is supposed to be a COMPLETEdisassembly and reassembly guide.

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