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While certain chapters from books certainly may have formed your opinions of sex as a youth, there's nothing quite like seeing a sexy movie scene for the first time and feeling the foundation of your whole sense of existence shift.

Or other chill things I felt the first time I saw ! My dad used to call the house phone from a different line, pick up, and say Leo was calling for me.

Fast-forward 11(ish) years later and I lost my virginity in a car.

Spring is slowly approaching, which makes this the perfect time for optimistic reflection. Sex sells, sex movies sell, and producers know this, but it's not as easy as just going through the motions.

She begins "exploring" lots of new relationships with differnent men. Ultimately, she alienates her best friends, and has an affair with her mother's boyfriend.Comedy, Drama Drew Ann Rosenberg Angela Gots, Robert Hays, Ellen Greene, Danny Masterson, Alison Lohman, Soleil Moon Frye, Lisa Brenner, Genevieve Bujold, Ivo Cutzarida, David Dukes, Tom Wright, Mary Kay Wulf, Sean Flynn John Walcutt, Robert Hays, Drew Ann Rosenberg, Betsy Rosenberg, Stan Rosenberg, Mindy De Baise, Andrew Molina Drew Ann Rosenberg It's 1979, and 16-year-old Alex Markov is a senior in high school.All of her friends are losing their virginity, and she is being pressured to join the club. Her parents are more bohemian than the other, more conservative, waspy parents.No one would ever fall off beds, make weird noises, or stumble upon an unexpected surprise mid-coitus.But in reality, the coming together of bodies can be a clunky affair.

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