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And to be on such a strong female team, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

While his days playing the teen version of superman may be over, he continues to remain popular and as a big cult following.

His large physical presence may be a reason why he has appeared as a football player in several of his television and movie roles.

He would obviously be Superman…" is a powerful female-driven show and it might lose some of its spunk if Superman returns.

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The CW charmer has kept a relatively low profile since his long-running superhero show wrapped after 11 seasons back in 2011, but it looks lke Clark Kent kept himself in good shape!! We're only sad that we don't have X-ray vision of our own to see what he's rocking — if anything — underneath! We have to say, boi would still be our first round pick!

Sorry, but fuck Chloe (not that I'd kick her out of bed either...) but you can get yourself a blonde any day of the week.

A mix like Kreuk is harder to find and thus so much more better.

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I don’t know how Tom (Welling, who played Clark Kent) did it for 10 years, to be honest.

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