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For example, find the one of these audio files in Windows File Explorer, Right-Click I'm gonna try that now.I just nuked everything in groove by removing the original "Music Library", and being the I keep my Music library on my 2nd internal SSD, I checked the Indexing options and my F: partition(where my Libraries are) and F: was not checked off, lust the Libraries, which are pointing to F:.

Pay special attention to the "Track Menu" where the songwriter, publisher and track artist info will need to be edited.I have had no trouble using Rhapsody to rip my CDs to my computer.That program finds the correct album information every time.In that case if you attempt to make edits on the track listing page you will see the following message: To unlock the submission and edit your track, list just follow the below steps in order: 1) Remove Uploaded Audio NOTE: If you see a button on the Title Overview page that says "I NEED TO MAKE CHANGES" you will need to click that before proceeding with the above steps.YES - You will be required to REMOVE ALL THE AUDIO in order to make any adjustments to the number of tracks (adding or removing, or re-arranging the order.) Make sure you have the audio handy to re-upload.

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