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For a step-by-step guide on how to create a chart from your Excel data using think-cell, please consider the example from Introduction to charting.This is how the example chart data looks in Excel: To create a chart from Excel, select the desired data range in your Excel workbook, including series and category labels: The layout of your data must match the layout of think-cell’s internal datasheet: Column charts are usually created from data columns, whereas bar charts are created from data rows.But that’s just not how it works unfortunately, you still have to update each link individually. Below you will find VBA code for Power Point and for Excel.Yes, that’s right, you can update the links to a Power Point document from within Excel. If you regularly create Power Point presentations that include information from Excel, you will know how frustrating it can be.Having to re-copy and re-paste the information every time a change is made in the original Excel documents.AKA: Everything You Were Afraid To Ask Brian Reilly About Excel Charts, But That's OK, 'Cause He's Gonna Tell You Anyway.

Also more option in Edit - Locked Update, Save picture in document.

Simply copy a range from Excel (The pasted image will now be linked to Excel.

If the Excel file and Power Point presentation are both open any changes will update automatically.

Better if you create custom size chart pages in Excel so you don't have to resize the devils in PPT. worksheets is that the size information seems to be somehow embedded in the upper left hand corner of the chart.

Now, that upper left hand corner is always "visible" to the linking mechanism during update links since a chart sheet is 100% "visible".

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