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A few months ago, back in the golden days of interning at PT, I read a blog that changed my life-- Scott Barry Kaufman or as I affectionately refer to him as SBK wrote: Do Assholes Really Finish First? I think that most guys get faulted or called an "asshole" because they can't give the girl what she wants. Good example of a true and honorable man is the character Hugh Jackman plays in the movie "Kate and Leopold" with Meg Ryan.He discussed the phenomenon of why women fall for "bad boys" or "assholes" and included various research to back such claims. I quickly assess my past romantic interludes and wonder just how many of my gentlemen callers were actual textbook definition "assholes." One, Two, Ten... But women now think that these types of men are weak and boring. Women in their 20s and sometimes early 30s do not want to settle.Just because you’re young and still figuring yourself out doesn’t mean it will magically change one day.I’ve met single women ages 30-50 displaying this behavior.You ask everyone but the douchebag why he doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends or family, why he insists on having sex without a condom and why he must still talk to his ex every day. DAD for short (I’ll save the Freudian aspect of this for another post).The douchebags always break up with you and you’re constantly left in a state of total despair, crying, “Gosh, there must be something wrong with . Even if you don’t consciously go after douchebags, your subconscious is attracted to them. Perhaps, if Trevor cheated on you, berated you in public, gave you a couple black eyes or called you a fat, ugly whore, he might earn the title, but for breaking up with you? Very rarely do guys actually want to inflict pain on you. Non-committal, not ready for a relationship, whatever you want to call it-- that's it! Not the bad boy himself, but his inability to commit. Arguably the best guy of them all, Edward Cullen, also has commitment issues. Meanwhile, a lot of women out there are hurting great guys that genuinely want to commit and be in a relationship, but that’s not what we want, we want the dumbass challenge. Trevor is an asshole, because he was honest about his feelings? He would call and leave stupid sappy voicemails, do a hysterical Kermit impression, and surprise visit you in France while you were studying abroad, because he knew you didn't want to be alone for the holidays. Of course he did in other ways, but he had a good heart. If it's too easy to get the guy, then she might think, "Wait, he just fell into my lap. Just look at the whole Tiger Woods situation, a beautiful wife and he still cheats.

I am a fan, however, of men who see online dating as an open playground on which to harass any woman of their choosing because, hey, you never know, it may just work. When I was 17 I wore my boyfriend’s football uniform to school on Halloween.

That is the universal perception ever since the 2008 financial crisis.

Basically before 2008, it was cool to say your boyfriend was a Wall Street guy — kind of like being a doctor or lawyer.

Now, everyone thinks of Wall Street guys as the ones who ruined the economy, so we're now one step above used-car salesmen!

(: Dating for the 1%: Spending 0,000 to find love) For the record, the typical Wall Street guy is not Jordan Belfort, the "Wolf of Wall Street." The typical Wall Street guy is married with two kids.

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It’s not that you’re not attractive, intelligent, interesting, fun to hang out with or fun to sleep with. Your inner most workings are attracted to the douche before you pick up on it 3, 4 or 5 dates in.

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