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Since content creators, in a certain light, are somewhat dependent, if not beholden to You Tube in order to make their living, it would probably make it intimidating for many to say no, even if they don’t really believe in that candidate.Whatever you think about Hillary, this type of political coercion is not something that Google should be engaging in, what with being such a virtual monopoly in the fields of search engines and video sharing.Interspersed with these are recurring segments like "Today in Awesome", where he highlights something cool that he's found; and "BAMF/Douchebag of the Day", where he discusses particularly heroic and/or vile individuals.Each item is accompanied by a link in the description to further details.Early into his You Tube career, his audience led to his winning of various open access online polls.De Franco also created various other You Tube channels, including Philly D (registered as Philip De Franco), a personal vlog and behind the scenes channel, and Source Fed, a Google-funded You Tube Original Channel focused on news and pop culture.

In every show, Phil picks three to five current news items and gives each of them a brief (1-2 minute) treatment, with his own, frequently acerbic, opinions and commentary added on.

Since then De Franco has been involved in launching For Human Peoples, a channel based on his merchandise line of the same name, which then transitioned to a sketch channel called Nuclear Family.

He also helped launch Super Panic Frenzy, a gaming channel featuring other personalities signed by Discovery Digital, as well as The De Franco Fam, a family vlogging channel featuring his wife and son.

series, an end of year spotlight video that You Tube puts out to highlight the most popular content creators on the platform.

Being featured on You Tube Rewind can really boost a channels subscribers, so it’s a coveted spot and to date Philip has never been featured.

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  1. It can occur in person or electronically and might occur between a current or former dating partner. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development.

  2. "So when we started planning this year's 5K, we realized making a big impact in the autism community might be as simple as a partnership with the Y. I know it is early, BUT, it is not too early to start collecting your colorful cans for Mini Challenge #3 which you will bring to CONFERENCE 2017 (and not before!