Excel is not updating formulas

Suppose I have a formula referencing a cell in a named range (the formula is NOT in the named range); If I update this range with either PROC EXPORT or the Libname engine, the formula will not have been updated upon opening the workbook.The following code will successfully replace the data in NAMEDRANGE with the contents of Mydata.If it happens with every single excel file then it has to be manual calculation.If it's just one large file, then it's probably corrupt.This happens when Excel has been configured to NOT update formulas automatically.

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In the example sheet, I entered a SUM() function to total each salesperson's commission (row 8) and bonus (row9).

If you have a very large worksheet, with lots of dependent calculations, and the calculations on which everything else is dependent are at the bottom or right side of the worksheet, then you may get incorrect results for the SUMIF function.

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