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The anonymous woman behind the account — who also runs a monthly podcast that covers the ins and outs of the hookups of Hollywood’s female A-list — found a lot to investigate, and not just about Kristen Stewart. Vincent, Alicia Cargile, Soko, and now Stella Maxwell, may have been at the epicenter of this year’s dating rumors, but she was hardly the only celeb publicly playing the field. The Chart™ is a reference to the eminent lesbian cult Showtime series The L Word.

I admit that I can’t claim to have been influenced or shaped by Sleater-Kinney or riot grrrl overall.Suddenly I hear my phone ringing in my bag and scramble to turn it off. “Oh my God,” she says, “I love that you have a flip phone. Between 19, Sleater Kinney released seven albums, and while their sales never broke any records, the devotion among their fans remains obsessive.But in 2006 they abruptly disbanded, disappearing for nearly nine years. Meanwhile, Brownstein found a whole new audience, as the co-creator and co-star of sketch comedy show Portlandia, alongside Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen.Everyone should sit down and realize that queer people can make TV just as bad as straight people do. Listen to that song Sam Ronson wrote about Lindsay Lohan. I hope Lil Lo is doing OK and I really wish her the best.We have been cruel to her, and especially cruel about her sexuality.

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