The miz and maryse dating 2016

We saw debuts of NXT wrestlers, and we saw returns of previous wrestlers.

Initial plans did call for Cena to face the Undertaker, but they were scrapped by Vince Mc Mahon when word got out too early, coupled with the fact that Vince felt that type of match wouldn’t benefit the future of the WWE.

These lovely couples known each other from their childhood.

This multi talented wrestler was born into a middle class family of Montreal Quebec. As she will reveal any news regarding to her family, we will update it here soon.

Zayn wouldn't make it to the match, as Owens attacked him, and he ended up being replaced by the return of Cesaro, who was greeted with a deafening ovation.

Surprisingly, it was AJ Styles who ended up winning the match which, again, was met with massive approval from the crowd.

Cody Rhodes, also known by his ring name “Stardust” married his wife Brandi Reed, also known as “Eden” in September 2013. These couples are also featured in “Total Divas”, a famous TV reality show.

Cody Rhodes is a professional wrestler and younger brother of WWE superstar “Golddust”, on the other side Reed serves as ring announcer in the WWE. Jimmy belongs to one of the talented wrestling families in the WWE history, associated to many great Samoan wrestlers, including Rikishi (who is Jimmy’s father), Yokozuma, Peter Malvin, Roman Reigns and even the people’s champ “The Rock”.

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