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Some of the top countries represented on Eligible are the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Greece, Cyprus & South Africa.Unlike many other dating sites, it is free to send emails to members.The UK is not the first country to stand on the brink of leaving the EU.It may enjoy a far bigger and more productive economy than that of Greece, but there are alarming structural similarities between the two economies that can’t be ignored.

Eligible has a unique array of communication tools that make getting to know each other that much easier.The price was significant structural reforms of the Greek economy and devastating financial consequences for many individuals. A protest movement which seeks to disrupt court proceedings in home repossession cases has added some colour to recent reports.Yet it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Greece’s travails are rather less engrossing to many than they once seemed.Whether its love, friendship, networking or a pen pal, Eligible encourages dialogue, thoughts and laugter.The site offers Chat, Photo Galleries, an Advice Column and it is FREE to send emails to members.

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  1. And not for the usual reasons like lack of chemistry or the person being nothing like their profile promised — but because of whom they voted for, and what political positions they support.