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David Neil Laurence Levy (born 14 March 1945 in London, England) is a British International Master of chess, a businessman noted for his involvement with computer chess and artificial intelligence, and the founder of the Computer Olympiads and the Mind Sports Olympiads.

He has written more than 40 books on chess and computers.

Additionally, users may join common-interest user groups organized by workplace, school, hobbies or other topics, and categorize their friends into lists such as "People From Work" or "Close Friends". Additionally, users can complain about or block unpleasant people.

Because of the large volume of data that users submit to the service, Facebook has come under scrutiny for its privacy policies.

(leave empty for any map) homunculus_auto Feed Allowed Maps # # Feed homunculus between MIN and MAX value (example: between 11 and 25) homunculus_hunger Min 11 homunculus_hunger Max 24 # ######## Block options ######## # You can copy & paste any block multiple times.

Once I finally made it in I took a taxi to the hotel, and finally met up with Christopher. Silver Edition: (a custom operating system on the TI-84 SEall I did was change a single string) which he got a kick out of.

Because it was now 11pm, and the conference started early we didn't spend much time catching up, but I did get to play around about with the TI-84 Color Silver Edition (what a name...) a bit before turning in. I then had him draw me a picture on my Surface: We then went to bed to be fresh for the full day ahead.

Jadi agar bot kita berjalan lancar bagian yang harus kita edit adalah file Berikut ini saya berikan contoh file yang masih mentah or kosong # Please Read the Users Manual # The Manual is located at ######## Login options and server-specific options ######## master server username password pin char sex######## Main configuration ######## alias_heal sp 28 allowed Maps allowed Maps_reaction 1 attack Auto 2 attack Auto_party 1 attack Auto_only When Safe 0 attack Auto_follow Target 1 attack Auto_in Lock Only 1 attack Distance 1.5 attack Distance Auto 0 attack Max Distance 2.5 attack Max Route Distance 100 attack Max Route Time 4 attack Min Player Distance 2 attack Min Portal Distance 4 attack Use Weapon 1 attack No Giveup 0 attack Can Snipe 0 attack Check LOS 0 attack Looters 0 attack Change Target 1 aggressive Anti KS 0 # auto Move On Death 0 auto Move On Death_x auto Move On Death_y auto Move On Death_map # attack Equip_top Head attack Equip_mid Head attack Equip_low Head attack Equip_left Hand attack Equip_right Hand attack Equip_left Accessory attack Equip_right Accessory attack Equip_robe attack Equip_armor attack Equip_shoes attack Equip_arrow # auto Break Time # auto Conf Change # auto Make Arrows 0 auto Restart 0 # auto Restart Min 10800 auto Restart Seed 3600 # auto Restart Sleep 1 auto Sleep Min 900 auto Sleep Seed 900 # auto Response 0 # auto Spell # avoid GM_near 0 avoid GM_near_in Town 0 avoid GM_talk 0 avoid GM_reconnect 1800 avoid GM_ignore List # avoid List 1 avoid List_in Lock Only 0 avoid List_reconnect 1800 # cache Player Names 1 cache Player Names_duration 900 cache Player Names_max Size 100 # client Sight 20 # dc On Death 0 dc On Dual Login 0 dc On Disconnect 0 dc On Empty Arrow 0 dc On Mute 0 dc On PM 0 dc On Zeny 0 dc On Storage Full 1 dc On Player 0 follow 0 follow Target follow Emotion 1 follow Emotion_distance 4 follow Face Direction 0 follow Distance Max 6 follow Distance Min 3 follow Lost Step 12 follow Sit Auto 0 follow Bot 0 # items Take Auto 2 items Take Auto_party 0 items Gather Auto 2 items Max Weight 89 items Max Weight_sell Or Store 48 items Max Num_sell Or Store 99 cart Max Weight 7900 items Take Auto_new 0 # lock Map lock Map_x lock Map_y lock Map_rand X lock Map_rand Y # route_escape_unknown Map 1 route_escape_reached No Portal 1 route_escape_random Walk 1 route_escape_shout route_random Walk 1 route_random Walk_in Town 0 route_random Walk_max Route Time 75 route_max Warp Fee route_max Npc Tries 5 route_teleport 0 route_teleport_min Distance 150 route_teleport_max Tries 8 route_teleport_not In Maps route_step 15 # run From Target 0 run From Target_dist 6 # save Map save Map_warp To Buy Or Sell 1 save Map_warp Chat Command # shop Auto_open 0 shop_random 0 # sit Auto_hp_lower 40 sit Auto_hp_upper 100 sit Auto_sp_lower 0 sit Auto_sp_upper 0 sit Auto_over_50 0 sit Auto_idle 1 # stats Add Auto 0 stats Add Auto_list stats Add Auto_dont Use Bonus 0 stats Add_over_99 0 # skills Add Auto 0 skills Add Auto_list # tank Mode 0 tank Mode Target # teleport Auto_hp 10 teleport Auto_sp 0 teleport Auto_idle 0 teleport Auto_portal 0 teleport Auto_search 0 teleport Auto_min Aggressives 0 teleport Auto_min Aggressives In Lock 0 teleport Auto_only When Safe 0 teleport Auto_max Dmg 500 teleport Auto_max Dmg In Lock 0 teleport Auto_deadly 1 teleport Auto_use Skill 3 teleport Auto_use Chat Command teleport Auto_all Players 0 teleport Auto_atk Count 0 teleport Auto_atk Miss 10 teleport Auto_unstuck 0 teleport Auto_drop Target 0 teleport Auto_drop Target KS 0 teleport Auto_attacked When Sitting 0 teleport Auto_total Dmg 0 teleport Auto_total Dmg In Lock 0 teleport Auto_equip_left Accessory teleport Auto_equip_right Accessory teleport Auto_lost Homunculus teleport Auto_lost Target teleport Auto_use Item For Respawndeal Auto 1 deal Auto_names party Auto 1 party Auto Share 0 guild Auto Deny 1 # verbose 1 show Domain 0 squelch Domains verbose Domains beep Domains beep Domains_not In Town # log Chat 0 log Private Chat 1 log Party Chat 1 log Guild Chat 1 log System Chat 1 log Emoticons log Console 0 log Append Username 1 # chat Title Oversize 0 shop Title Oversize 0 # sleep Time 10000 interval Map Drt 1 # ignore All 0 item History 0 auto Talk Cont 1 no Auto Skill 0 portal Record 2 miss Damage 0 # tankers List # remove Actor With Distance######## Homunculus Support ######## # homunculus_attack Auto 2 homunculus_attack Auto_party 1 homunculus_attack Auto_not In Town 1 homunculus_attack Auto_only When Safe 0 homunculus_attack Distance 1.5 homunculus_attack Max Distance 2.5 homunculus_attack Max Route Time 4 homunculus_attack Min Player Distance 3 homunculus_attack Min Portal Distance 8 homunculus_attack Can Snipe 0 homunculus_attack Check LOS 0 homunculus_attack No Giveup 0 homunculus_attack Change Target 1 # homunculus_follow Distance Max 10 homunculus_follow Distance Min 3 # homunculus_route_step 15 # homunculus_tank Mode 0 homunculus_tank Mode Target # homunculus_teleport Auto_hp 10 homunculus_teleport Auto_max Dmg 500 homunculus_teleport Auto_max Dmg In Lock 0 homunculus_teleport Auto_deadly 1 homunculus_teleport Auto_unstuck 0 homunculus_teleport Auto_drop Target 0 homunculus_teleport Auto_drop Target KS 0 homunculus_teleport Auto_total Dmg 0 homunculus_teleport Auto_total Dmg In Lock 0# intimacy Max / Min sets a threshhold of when not to feed your homunculus # If intimacy is HIGHER than the minimum or LOWER/EQUAL to the max, we wont feed.

homunculus_intimacy Max 999 homunculus_intimacy Min 911 # # How long should we wait between feeding?

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