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There are bibliographies on everything from architects to Victorian architecture. There are introductions to a wide range of building types and architectural styles, plus the development of towns and villages.Eccesiastical sources are such a big topic that the Church gets a section to itself.Since the government of Tupac Yupanqui, an emperor, a specialized elite group of soldiers was appointed for the safekeeping of the Sapa Inca ("the one and only Inca") during parades, travel or campaigns.These bodyguards originated primarily in Cusco, even though with time outstanding soldiers from other ethnicities were accepted into the group.There was even a competition to see if they could stay awake for a long period, and in fact it is reported that some officers could remain awake for a whole week.Inca battalions contained permanent staff (generals and officers) and non-permanent personnel composed of drafted hatun runas (common men) who would be serving their military mit'a public service (comparable to a mandatory military service).What happened to the years 1952, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 19.

Ayar Oche came from where the Sun was and the Sun had ordered that Ayar Manco take that name and go to the town that they had seen.As the Inca empire grew, the army of peasant warriors was replaced by an army with professional officers.Officers were chosen during the Warachikuy festival during which candidates had to undergo various tests of physical skill such as racing, marksmanship, simulated combat and battle drill.In the event that a kuraka fell in battle a replacement was appointed from within the same ethnic group.In order to prevent rebellions and to promote performance in battle, each ethnic group was divided into two battalions, each one under the command of a general (and both under the command of the kuraka), who would compete against his counterpart in displaying bravery on the battlefield, thus increasing his chances of promotion.

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