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All newly created My Space accounts include Anderson as a default "friend," and he has subsequently become the public face of My Space.

As the most widely recognized personality on My Space, Anderson has been the subject of parody among its users and the media at large.

Intermix Media was then founded as the successor of e Universe, and it was under Intermix that Myspace garnered the level of popularity that it is notable for.

When Intermix Media and Myspace were sold to News Corp, Anderson became president of the company.

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His profile reads, “Former 1st friend, enjoying being retired” and he’s accumulated an impressive 289,000 followers despite only taking up photography as a hobby just four-years ago.An adopted son, a stepdaughter, wives, and another generation of sons join the loving family in later seasons.Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations in trying to balance his career with his family: his outspoken wife Kathy, teenage ...Anderson received a bachelor's degree in rhetoric and English from the University of California, Berkeley in 1998, and a master's degree in film from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2000.In 2003, Anderson, Chris De Wolfe and a few computer programmers set up the first pages of My Space, which was designed to connect musicians and bands with their fans, enabling them to share their music online.

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