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Listen to it here from about 50 minutes in (use the timeline at the top of the page).Ph D publication in Annual Review of Cyber Therapy and Telemedicine My paper for the Annual Cyber Psychology, Cyber Therapy & Social Networking Conference 2015 has been published and is now available online. Online dating is so popular, it’s now the second most likely way for couples to meet. Rachel Wallace is a model, formerly Miss Cavan and Miss South Dublin. They have temporarily suspended control over their dating destinies and put the search for romantic success (complete with the inevitable vulnerability that brings) into someone else’s hands.I found doing the pictures really awkward, even though I’m a model, but he seemed full of confidence, which helped me. We both said we were pleasantly surprised by each other.Dating Culture Has Ireland ever had a dating culture?The concept of a dating culture has always seemed rather American, where it’s casual to ask someone out or for their number on the spot in everyday instances like waiting in a queue for a coffee.Pat Kenny on Newstalk | Online dating, trust and risk I chatted to Pat Kenny on Newstalk about the rise of online dating and Tinder in Ireland, as well as the risks that are involved and why they happen. Thrive | What Can You Do to Achieve Success in Online Dating?

I want to leave him but at the same time I don't want to. We talked about his job, my job, and we touched on exes. I want it to be easy and breezy, like it was last night, because that’s what made it so much fun.Nothing deep and meaningful, all “I knew he didn’t know anything about me, because you don’t get any information about each other beforehand, except a name. “He was very honest about why he was there and what he was hoping for. We were laughing away, talking, and it felt totally normal, like I had known him ages. “I would like to find somebody, but I’m in no rush to do it,” she says. If it does turn out to be something more, I’d be delighted, but I’m not going to build it up too much in my head. “But yes, I think there is the possibility of more.We all have slightly shinier, more filtered, happier versions of ourselves on social media so it's only natural we take this tendency and apply it to dating.It might be a very flattering, older profile picture that portrays you at your physical peak, or an inch or two added (or subtracted) from your height, or saying you have a degree in something when you dropped out in your final year.

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  1. I'm an easy going, fun loving person most of the time but can also have a serious side too, when it's needed. I love storms and having my hair whooshed round in the wind. I relish the spring and Hello, I'm a quiet until you get to know me kind of girl; can be sarcastic, but witty!! Like nights in watching movies and various tv series (not the soaps though! I have a serious side but try and keep that side idle.