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On Day 3 of the DNC, I sat at a stool and counter overlooking the second-level seating and pulled out my little notebook and a pen.

A man standing next to me commented, “You’re writing your notes.” He was surprised to see someone not typing them into a phone or computer. I said, “I live in New York.” He said, “Then I’m your lawyer.” I said, “Huh? I didn’t know the Attorney-General of my home-state knew Chinese.

Kristen Kavanaugh, who served in Iraq and is co-founder of the Military Acceptance Project, made it clear how she felt: “I don’t trust Donald Trump.” Leon Panetta talked about his “firm concern” for the future of his children if Hillary doesn’t win, as the audience erupted with boisterous chants of “We’re with her.” After Dr.

Jill Biden introduced her husband, Vice-President Joe Biden, he boasted about how he and Barack had “married way up.” Biden urged people to listen without booing or cheering. He's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? That’s a bunch of malarkey.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that “it’s imperative” to elect Hillary Clinton, whom he called a “sane, competent person.” Meanwhile, “if Trump runs a nation like he runs his business, God help us.” The highlight of the night was of course President Barack Obama, who was introduced by the self-proclaimed “sweet little old lady” Sharon Belkofer, a Gold Star mom whose son had died serving in Afghanistan.

In October, the company said the two attorneys general "are incapable of impartial investigations and are attempting to silence political opponents who disagree on the appropriate policies to address climate change."A federal judge there last month canceled a scheduled deposition by Healey without explanation.

And he faced intense anti-Semitic attacks from Trump loyalists on social media that continue even today.“It’s really vile stuff.

” He was Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney-General, and badass who’s going after the fake university bearing the name of the other presidential candidate. ” I responded, “The history of law in China.” Then he asked, “Do you speak Chinese? I was able to say in Chinese, “I can but not fluently.” Nearby was my college friend Elliot Thomson, a brilliant speechwriter and filmmaker, who had said back in the '90s that Hillary Clinton would be president in twenty years.

Senator Tim Kaine was on the convention stage, charming even the doubters with his stories of being a Jesuit schoolboy and with his fluent Spanish: “Somos americanos todos.” Eric mentioned that he and Kaine were classmates at Harvard Law School. After hearing the damning of the other candidate and the praising of Hillary, especially with regard to concern for others, I’d like to think Elliot’s prediction was right on.

While in 2010 his then girlfriend Rachael Taylor took out an AVO against the actor after two domestic violences incidents in a hotel in Rome and was later charged with breaching the AVO in 2011, charges which were later dropped in a Sydney court. Catherine's father Eric is the Attorney General of New York and is understood to hold strong views against those who commit domestic abuse, offences which Matthew has been convicted of in the past'I am proud of the overwhelming bipartisan support for this legislation.

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NEW YORK (AP) — More than most, Eric Schneiderman understands the risks of taking on Donald Trump.

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