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The DGB sites have drawn in archaeologists, not only because of their unique structure and build, but because throughout most of the Manda Mountains there appears little evidence of occupation older than two centuries, while the plains below the mountains have presented archaeologists with sites dating back approximately 2,500 years ago.In fact, the DGB sites are the only coherent sites that have been found in the Mandara Mountains dating back so far.It has a radio half-life (T 1/2) of 5,730 years and is a low energy beta emitter with a radioactive range in air of ten inches.It is produced currently at a fairly constant rate in the upper atmosphere through the action of cosmic radiation on Nitrogen-14.

It is called “Carbon-12,” which is abbreviated “C.” The fact that the atom has six protons is what makes it carbon.

We understand centuries based on family trees and history books, and we have a conceptual sense of a few thousand years.

But when it comes to talking about a rock that may be billions of years old, what do we do?

The Diy-Gid-Biy sites are of varying sizes, with DGB-1 and 2 being the largest.

They are spread out over approximately 25 km, although DGB-1 and 2 are only 100 meters apart and are sometimes referred to as the same site.

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